I need help improving my Kelvin Converter

// Conversion for kelvin weather

var kelvin = 293; // This is the variable you want to change depending on what the temperature is.

var celsius = 273; // celsius is set at 273 because we use this for celsuis conversion. Simple this is the constant.
kelvin -= celsius;

console.log(kelvin +’ The answer in Celsius’); // The temperature in celcius

var celsius = kelvin

fahrenheit = celsius *(9/5) + 32 //Gives the temperature in Fehrenheit not rounded

console.log (fahrenheit + ’ Answer in Fahrenheit (not rounded)')

console.log (Math.floor(fahrenheit) + ’ Rounded answer in Fahrenheit’)//Rounds the answer of Fahrenheit

newton = celsius *(33/100)

console.log (newton + ’ The Answer in Newton (not rounded)')

console.log (Math.floor(newton)+ ’ Rounded answer in Newton’)

Its good but is there a way to make it more condensed?

the code is fine but i get stuck
// Temp in kelvin.

const kelvin = 290;

// temp en celsius.

const celsius = kelvin - 273;

// Convert to fahrenheit

let fahrenheit = celsius * (9 / 5) + 32;

// round

fahrenheit = Math.floor(fahrenheit);

console.log(The temperature is ${fahrenheit} degrees Fahrenheit.);

// Convert to newton

let newton = celsius * (33/100);


newton = Math.floor(newton);

console.log(The temperature is ${newton} degrees Newton.);

Hmmm. Looks alright. Ill see what I could do to incorporate that into my code and see if it works. Thanks!

I also have another question. How do I make it were I only use one console.log and it outputs each temperature result in a new line?


use this link if it is easier