I need help I am stuck on this problem what do I do?

This is the question
Now let’s generate a space fact while we learn a brand new operator, called (drum roll please) the modulus.

The idea behind the modulus is to show you the remainder after you divide a number.

So, if you divide 13 / 5, 5 goes into 13 two times, and there will be 3 remaining. A modulus, denoted by a %, would take 13 % 5 and return the remainder 3.

How on Earth is this useful?

Let’s ask a question a modulus can solve: What will the moon phase be one year from today

Let’s say it’s a full moon tonight, and we want to know what the moon will look like one year from today. We know from the moon phase image to the right that the moon circles the Earth every 27 days, so let’s start by dividing 365 by 27.

Remember to put your calculations in a console.log.

So this is what I put in console.log(365 % 27)
then I tried console.log(365/27=13.5)
then I tried console.log(365/27=13)

and then I pressed run but nothing happened it just did nothing no error just nothing lol (:

so let’s start by dividing 365 by 27

I guess that they want you to divide 365 by 27.

console.log(365 / 27);

I’m having the same problem!

  1. Go to this page https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/learn-javascript/javascript-take-off
  • Click the + New Topic button
  • Fill in the template
  • Someone will help
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thanks a lot for replying lol but nothing happens lol (:

After resetting this exercise I tried to reproduce this behaviour, successfully. Bug reported.

Workaround - get back to the second exercise (https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/learn-javascript/lessons/javascript-take-off/exercises/types), reset the whole course (this is beginning, not a big loss) and everything should work. It worked for me, at least.

Didn’t work for me, though. Anybody has other ideas?

Please give us a screenshot of it not working.

Thank you very much, the problem already resolved

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I have the same problem

Start a new topic, share the link to the exercise you’re working on as well as all of your written code so far.

where is the button?

I have the same problem .what shoult i do?