I need help. HTML Form a Story

I’ve gone through the whole exercise, checked the syntax is, followed the walkthrough video, and I believe my code to be ok, but I just can’t move from step 20 on this project. Can anyone help me to figure out what am I missing?

        <form action="story.html" mehod="GET">
          <label for="animal-1">Animal:</label>
          <input id="animal-1" name="animal-1" type="text" required placeholder="animal 1" minlength="3"><br>
          <label for="animal-2">Another Animal:</label>
          <input type="text" id="animal-2" name="animal-2" required placeholder="animal 2" maxlength="10"><br>
          <label for="animal-3">One more animal</label>
          <input type="text" id="animal-3" name="animal-3" required placeholder="animal 3"><br>
          <label for="adj-1">Adjective (past tense):</label>
          <input id="adj-1" name="adj-1" type="text" required placeholder="alarmed"><br>
          <label for="verb-1">Verb (ends in -ing):</label>
          <input id="verb-1" name="verb-1" type="text" required placeholder="running" pattern="[a-zA-Z0-9]+"><br>
          <label for="num-1">Number:</label>
          <input id="num-1" name="num-1" type="number" required min="1" max="3"><br>
          <span>Yes or No:</span>
          <input id="yes" type="radio" name="answer" value="yes" required>
          <label for="yes">Yes</label>
          <input id="no" type="radio" checked name="answer" value="no" required>
          <label for="no">No</label><br>
          <label for="speed">Relative speed (ends in -er):</label>
          <select id="speed" name="speed" required>
            <option value="faster">Faster</option>
            <option value="slower">Slower</option>
          <label for="quote">Motivational quote:</label>
          <input id="quote" name="quote" type="text" required list="quote-choises" placeholder="type a quote">
          <datalist id="quote-choises">
            <option value="winner gets ice cream!"></option>
            <option value="looser takes the bus"></option>
          <label for="message">Meaningful Message:</label>
          <textarea id="message" name="message" type="textarea" required rows="8" cols="40" minlength="3" maxlength="150" placeholder="here goes the text">This is just a suggestion</textarea>
          <input type="submit" value="form my story">

Hi Josué,
you forgot a checkbox somewhere. Just 20 of 21 tasks are checked off.

You are absolutely right! This is so embarrassing :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much!

Probably happened to all of us somewhere… :slight_smile:

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