I need help from Community

Hello every body.I am an outsider beginners to learn, I have difficulty with finding documents and related content on web.Becase I’m an outsider, I have difficulty with where to start, there is no specific curricula do not know the way how to go, do not know what learning needs, core subjects to start and do not know where to find free learning material easy to understand instructions carefully I was in Vietnam, finding documents, free is very difficult to illustrate little confusing so I need help from the community by showing me some useful website, what I need must learn to start.
the community discussion forum to learn.
I’m Vietnamese .so my english is not good there is nothing wrong to expect people to ignore

Thanks and sorry people took the time to read these words look at my boring.

Hey @hunterange,

I just read your post (not boring at all :laughing:) I think you have stumbled and fallen on the right community because based on the needs you have explained I think

Codecademy is the perfect fit.

And whenever you are stuck in an exercise or have trouble with your own personal code Regulars like me, and moderators around the forum will be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Start Coding mate!

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yes.Codecademy is the perfect fit.Member Codecademy forum helped me a lot of.Codecademy is very good lessons and guidance of all reasonable target, making it somewhat difficult to understand I want to find some material to learn more about helping me understand all Codecademy.cac tutorials in English with a little guidance people are not fluent in English as I am very vague instructions, sometimes misinterpreted.
Just as when I finished off the program’s Codecademy.Iwant to learn more after learning python as I want to learn how to make games, or applications that I should learn how

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Vietnamese support is not yet available. But whenever you are having trouble if you post your code here someone can help you fix it. :slight_smile:

thank you very much!
Thanks for your help I feel motivated when things got tough.
I know I can ask people to help

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