I need help for Tea Cozy project

Hello all. Hope someone can help me to recode Tea Cozy project. I have been trying to fix it for one week. Here is Github Pages and repo. Also, I hope a team member from CodeCademy can record a video about the solution.


Hopefully you found a solution already, I’m doing the same project at the moment, I see that you seemingly ran into the same problem i did.

  1. the property position take precedence over justify content and Align content.
  2. I suggest that you wrap the main with flex-direction column so you afterwards can play around with rows in the different sections
    here’s my pages and repo as it is at the moment.

Another tip which you’ll see on my project is that i use border solid 1px with a contrasting color to se how the baxe models are placed compared to other elements:

Repo: GitHub - GabbeKG/GabbeKG.github.io: Tea cozy project with flexbox practice and positioning provided by codecademy
Gihub pages: https://gabbekg.github.io/