I need help figuring out the problem for my code. Im confused on what to do

# Demo Game with tkinter for CS elective class

from tkinter import *
import random
import time
from math import *

def moveMonster(x,y):

def moveMonsterPlayer(event):
    key= event.keysym
    if key == 'Up':
    elif key == 'Down':
    elif key == 'Left':
    elif key == 'Right':

def deleteEnemy(enemy):
    #find where this enemy is in the list  - item number
    enemyIndex = enemyList.index(enemy)
    del enemyList[enemyIndex]  #delete from list of enemies
    canvas.delete(enemy)  #delete enemy from the screen as well
def distance(target1,target2):
    target1coords = canvas.coords(target1)
    target2coords = canvas.coords(target2)
    x1 = (target1coords[0] + target1coords[2] ) / 2 #average x to find middle
    y1 = (target1coords[1] + target1coords[3] ) / 2  #average y
    x2 = (target2coords[0] + target2coords[2])  / 2
    y2 = (target2coords[1] + target2coords[3]) / 2\

    d = sqrt( (x2-x1)** 2 + (y2-y1)** 2)  #pythagorean theorem to find distance
    return d

def checkCollisions():
    enemiesHit = 0  #count how many enemies are hit by scanning list
    for e in enemyList:
        if distance(body,e) < 20:
            enemiesHit = enemiesHit + 1
            deleteEnemy(e)  #delete enemy from list 

    return enemiesHit

def makeEnemies():
    for e in range(enemyCount):
        enemyx = random.randint(1,400)
        enemyy = random.randint(1,400)
        newEnemy = canvas.create_oval(enemyx,enemyy,enemyx+30,enemyy+30, fill='black')

def moveEnemies(deltaTime):
    for e in enemyList:
        canvas.move(e,deltaTime * enemySpeed,0)  #move amount calculated based on time and speed
        enemyCoords = canvas.coords(e)
        enemyCoordsX = enemyCoords[0]
        enemyCoordsY = enemyCoords[1]
        if enemyCoordsX > 400  or enemyCoordsY > 400:
            #reset the coordinates
            newX =  random.randint(1,400) #find the new x 
            newY = random.randint(1,400)  #find the new y
            canvas.coords(e, newX, newY, newX+1, newY+1) #set coords to new ones

window = Tk()
window.title('Alien Game')

#set up canvas for game movement
canvas = Canvas(window, height=400, width=400, bg = 'white')

#set up timer
timeLeft = 30
timemessage = Label(window, text = "Time left : " + str(timeLeft))

#setup score
score = 0
scoreMessage = Label(window,text = 'Score:' + str(score) )
enemyCount = 20
enemySpeed = 10
#MAKE DIFFERENT LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************************************************************************************************************
print("There are three levels, 'Easy' , 'Medium' and 'Hard'")
level = input('What level do you want to do? ')
if level == 'Easy':
    enemySpeed = 5
    ememyCount = 10
if level == 'Medium':
    enemySpeed = 10
    enemyCount = 15
if level == 'Hard':
    enemySpeed = 15
    enemyCount = 25

#make all the enemies

makeEnemies()   #this function updates the enemyList with enemyCount of enemies

#create monster player drawing
body = canvas.create_rectangle(200,200,240,240, fill = 'green')
eye = canvas.create_oval(210,180,230,200,fill = 'white')
eyeball = canvas.create_oval(215,185,225,195,fill = 'black')
#bind all keys for player 

#set up game loop with time
lastTime = time.time()  #remember last time it was in the loop

while timeLeft > 0 and score < enemyCount:
    currentTime = time.time()
    deltaTime = currentTime - lastTime  #how long since this loop ran
    lastTime = currentTime  #update the last time to this one
    timeLeft = timeLeft - deltaTime  #overall time left in game decreases
    timemessage.config(text = "Time left : " + str(round(timeLeft))) #update time

    moveEnemies(deltaTime) #all enemies move based on time elapsed 
    hits = checkCollisions()  #return how many enemies were hit
    if hits > 0:
        #print('got non zero hits in this loop')
        score = score + hits
        scoreMessage.config(text = 'Score:' + str(score))
    window.update()   #important to update all objects on the screen in loop

canvas.create_text(200,200, text= 'You Won!', fill='green', font = ('Helvetica', 80))
scoreMessage.config(text = 'Score:' + str(score))

You didn’t define enemyList anywhere, at least, that is the error message i get, what is your question?

maybe define the list in makeEnemies function before appending to it?

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How do I define enemyList?

the way you would define any list:

list_name = []
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I am here though what would I put in the brackets[]

this is the one thing I don’t know.

you can put things in your list when defining/declaring if that is what you wish, but the list can also be empty in the beginning, and append items to it later.