I need help editing an outside list inside a function? Python

import random

possible_weapons = ["club","axe","spear","bow","gun"]
possible_food = ["bread","steak","trout","salmon",]
possible_actions = ["hunt","fish","farm","build","mine"]
possible_buildings = ["hut","house","farm","armory","mineshaft"]

username = raw_input("What is your name?:")
print """         
                   WELCOME TO!
                    | DAY 1 |
begin = raw_input("Would you like to begin?:") 
weapbegin = (random.choice(possible_weapons))
foodbegin = (random.choice(possible_food))

print """ 
          This is Day 1 of your epic survival journey.
          You are located in an unknown area.
          You must work to survive these unknown elements.
          You must hunt , fish , sleep , farm , build , and mine.
          Good Luck %s. 
          -------------------------------------------------------- """ % (username)

inventory = [weapbegin,foodbegin]
userHealth = 100

print """

         Day 1: You have awoken!
         All you have is a bag
         You have to start surviving
         Here is your inventory
         """ % (inventory)
print """ 
        Let's get the hang of things """
print """ To access the action menu press 1 """
print """ Your Health is currently max """
print """ To show health, type HP 


def hunting():
	user_weapon = raw_input("What weapon would you like to use?:")
	user_kill = raw_input("Which animal are you hunting(Rabbit/Deer/Ram):")
	print "Hunting yields advantages and disadvantages. Be careful!"
	if user_weapon and user_kill  == "club" and "Rabbit":
		inventory.append('meat')   #How do i edit the variable?? 
	print "Good Hunt! Your inventory is now %s " % (inventory)

#I can’t figure out how to .append the list

I am not a thousand percent sure but try inventory.append[‘meat’]

doesn’t work look at my if statement
it doesn’t add the meat to the inventory

It looks like it should add as long as you are selecting club as the weapon and rabbit is what is being hunted. Anything else and it will not add.

it is now throwing this error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “python”, line 80, in
File “python”, line 78, in hunting
TypeError: ‘builtin_function_or_method’ object has no attribute ‘getitem