I need help changing the color of the website. but it keeps saying i haven't put the number in to change the color

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/Add your CSS below!/

<Oops, try again. Whoops! It looks like your 'a' selector doesn't have the color #cc0000.>

<a style="color#cc0000;"></a>

it said it is wrong…

<a style="color:#cc0000;"></a>
Need to add a colon between property and value.

it keep saying…

Oops, try again. Whoops! It looks like your ‘a’ selector doesn’t have the color #cc0000.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Ok, so it doesn’t want an inline style. It wants a seperate css rule.

So, remove the inline styling in yout HTML file.

In a css file you need to

a {
  color: <YourColorHere>;
  text-decoration: <YourTextDecorationHere>;

keeps saying it is wrong… Do you think it could be a BUG? which i doubt it but it could be…

Oops, try again. Add a semicolon after “none”.

/a {
color: <#cc0000;>
text-decoration: ;

You don’t need the /* */ around your styling. (If you were trying to format your code you will want to put three backticks before the code and three backticks after the code.)

And the brackets were not meant to be taken literally :slight_smile: .

a {
  color: #cc0000;
  text-decoration: none;

I assume that they are wanting text-decoration to be none.

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