I need help adding a logo

i need help adding a logo when im making my website please help an example would be great

      <img src="logo.png">
      <figcaption>Your Entity</figcaption>

The above markup is not significant, apart from the structure. CSS would be used to define its dimensions and positioning of the image. If no CSS is used, then the img element will need width and height attributes.

There are lots of ways to include a logo. If you wish to have it indexed then mark up the logo with an img element. If not, then use a CSS background image.

Here is some insight into figure and figcaption


There are quite a few ways to put in a logo on a page. The easiest way would probably be using the img tag. An exmape of this is the following: <img src=(your URL in quotations)/> To get the image URL, if from a webpage, simply right click and select “Open Image in New Tab”. There will be a new address in the search bar, copy that URL and use it as your image URL.

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