I need career advise

My name is Vanessa, I am completely new to the coding world. So far on codecademy I have taken the beginner friendly course on HTML. I have a basic Idea on what career path I want to take, which is full stack developer but I’m still unsure how to get started. I am currently on the beginner friendly course of java script. I am looking for work but I find my self lost on what kind of job to look for, what career path I should be following. I honestly don’t know where or even how to look for a job in the coding world. Please help, I’m in very much need of guidance.


Before starting the full stack path I would suggest learning a back-end language to see if you like the back end.

Keep studying and you will see what you’re more drawn to. Maybe you’ll find that you’re more interested in front-end programming rather than back-end, or, maybe you’re more interested in UX/UI or data. The only way you’ll find out is if you read up and try out courses (not just here on CC, but look for free materials as well–YouTube for example).

Before you can apply for any sort of coding-related job you need to have a solid understanding of whatever programming language(s) you’re studying as well as a portfolio of projects. (When you apply to tech jobs they will ask for your GitHub profile link and a link to your online portfolio). One thing to look for are (paid) internships, which sometimes do turn into a f/t job.


This might be shunned here but check out the _Buildspace.so projects! They might be able to help you decide what you LIKE doing!

Thank you all so much for you attention and tips, I appreciate it. I will definitely put your advice to work