I need a little help here



I have been using a code validator, and I am new to this and am unfamiliar with some of the terminology. I will post my code below, and I am using Notepad++.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="eng">

<meta http equiv="content-type" content=text/ html; charset=UTF-8 />

<title>POWERS WEB TEMPLATE </title>

This is my web template. I will replace these words with code.



The above is an HTML5 document type declaration so browsers will default to “text/html”. All we need to specify is the character encoding…

<meta charset="UTF-8">


I am pretty sure that <html lang="eng">
should be <html lang="en">


No response on Feb 2, so what hope is there of one on Oct 16?

Good catch on the language typo. As browsers go these days, though, one expects they’d only see the first two letters anyway. The third character is expected to be a dash.


Even though @boardplayer96850 didn’t respond Feb. 2, I published that post for the good of the Codecademy Community.

Thanks for the compliment.


If that’s what you call it. Resurrecting dead threads to point out typos and wake up the subscribers in the process? Not so cool. Better to leave moribund topics alone and let their subscribers sleep.