I need a little help for this


Hi. I am looking forward to create a game, but I would need a little help.
Firstly, I have started JavaScript, but I would need to know what other languages should I need to start building a 3-D game. What kind of free apps can I use to create a game for every platform WITH/WITHOUT CODING SKILLS?

My dream is to be a game creator. Free for everyone, fun and challenger. :racing_car:


pick an engine:


then pick the language you need to work with this engine.

This is going to be a long path, a lot to learn and its difficult. There will be tools which can help you, do much without coding, but not everything


How about an engine without coding experience?


i gave you the engines, you can see which one offers the tools you need to make a game without coding.


How about a 32 bit PC programming codes???


What do you mean?