I need a JS reference sheet

Ok, so I’ve been going through these lessons for a while now, and I’ve been just trying to hold all of this in my head. But the more I learn, the less I am able to remember the details…where does every semicolon go? How did that return command work? Did I need parenthesis when declaring a function?

Does anyone know of a reference like this that I can download?

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I don’t know about a download but there are some faqs on the forum. There are also links like:


which seem to be hidden on the site.

Or this:


There’s also a glossary link at the bottom left of the lessons.

Thanks for that! I appreciate it.

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The Mozilla Developer Network is a well maintained repository of everything JavaScript. Since JS is derived from ECMAScript, their site is worth visiting, reviewing and bookmarking, as well.

Being as JS is the de facto scripting language of the browser, it falls to us to be familiar with its specifications and the body that recommends them. w3.org.

It’s a mighty big picture so expect to set aside lots of reading time.


One reference I like to use is http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/

Edit: it’s not very easy to download, but it works well when you have an Internet connection.
Also, I seem to have hit the wrong reply button… I need to get on a bigger screen

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So long as you know it is not affiliated with World Wide Web Consortium in any way. I never reach for that site, but it doesn’t mean one can’t glean some knowledge from it. I’d still rather turn to MDN and run my own script locally…


This is a really excellent reference. Thanks!

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