I nedd help for the boolean


I don’t know what i need to do.

That is the old learning environment which is no longer supported, please update to a supported course:


or if you prefer to learn the new es6:


Is in spanish? Because i need the course in spanish or italian lenguage.

no, its not. Its english only, but the Spanish/Italian course you are currently taking is no longer supported, so there might be bugs, which won’t be fixed.

So there is a dilemma.

as for this exercise, you simply need to check write code which checks "¡Soy un campeón escribiendo código!" has a length greater then 10

Simplemente escribe la condición en el editor, y será evaluada automáticamente.

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Thanks for your help, I figured out where the problem was.
do not you know where I can find the courses in Spanish or in Italian?

there aren’t, its on the todo list to make other language courses within the new learning environment, but i would take the english course anyway, so much more information is available in english about programming, more then any other language

I take the course in English, hoping to be able to understand it because I do not understand English very much and my first languages are Spanish and Italian, but I would do some lessons in these languages.

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