I may sound like an idiot, but Python coding wont load for me...help?


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I click start lesson, the browser thing loads fine.
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Though the thing on the right keeps on loading with that grey spinning thing.
<What do you expect to happen instead?>
I expect for it to finish loading


Is the page failing to load, or is your program not running to end?
If it’s not running to end, maybe it’s waiting for you, like if it’s taking user input

The browser loads, the tab I mean. But like in the right the normal load thing is constantly saying it is loading.

I’d try firefox and see if that makes any difference. (If you were using firefox I’d be suggesting chrome)
Could also be a firewall thing, tor browser would get around that

So I should just download firefox?

I have no idea other than that it looks like something isn’t fully loading.
So I’d be changing things about the environment and that’s the browser (firefox) and then the connection (tor browser)

I don’t have firefox. Eh sorry for me being so dull, it’s pretty late for me. So I just get it? And should I get tor?

I would download install and try firefox, and then try tor if firefox doesn’t work either. Yes.
I can’t tell you what you “should” do with your system though, you know more than me how you want to be using it

Thanks man, tor did the trick.