I made myself a basic website!

It is difficult! I took me a whole day to finish it. I think the hardest part in this project is embedding Javascript in the html file. I feel like I did not get enough practice, and I had to google a lot. Anyway, I learnt a lot through this project, and had some fun.
The website


Very impressive work! Really feeling the art too, you’re very talented.

Welcome to the forums! Congrats on completing the project too.
Very cool!

A few thoughts:

  • I like that when one hovers over the projects the text is interactive, or, you can see that they’re highlighted. (not sure what the correct verbiage is for that).

  • Would it be possible to link to the projects when one clicks on them? Or, link to their respective GitHub repos? Rather than just describing the projects it would be neat to see the work you created. I’d like to see the COVID project you did!

  • I get a 404 Error when I click on the Skills menu at the top of the page.

  • the icons for the Skills are a little stretched when I view the website on Safari, however they look fine on Chrome (I’m on a mac, OS 10.15.7). Is it possible to correct that? I didn’t check on Firefox.

Good work!

Thanks for thr reply!