I’m having a hard time remembering some of these concepts, how can I improve?


I’m having a hard time remembering some of these concepts, how can I improve?


Like most things in life, coding gets easier with practice! Anytime you need a refresher on a concept, you can revisit a lesson and reset any exercise to get a better grasp on something you’re struggling with.
It can be helpful to keep a journal of notes like you would for class to reference topics you find challenging. And remember that everyone else on Codecademy is here to learn as well, so read through the forums to see if others have explained something in a way that works for you!


Codecademy often talks about, “just go back through past lessons to… etc.”
In my experience, it’s very awkward to go back through past lessons. The user interface doesn’t make it easy.
I wish I had known that from the beginning. I would have taken more initiative to keep my own notes.
Anyway, I went back and went through most of the course from the beginning, this time building my own cheat sheets.


I totally agree. There should be a little link or something that opens a new tab to the exact lesson where the material was covered.


I ended up basically copying the exercises in MS OneNote to go back and review. This is the only way to remember if you are not doing this full time.


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That is pure genius!! I’ve been trying to find a way to do that. OneNote makes a ton of sense.

In my personal experience I prefer to annotate the concepts physically. OneNote hasn’t worked for me. Sure, it has pros, but for me it works better the physical notes. Just a tip for someone who might be considering this option, it works!