I love coding but I think this is too easy

Hi! I love coding but I think this is too easy, is there any way to move up to hard mode?

Programming is like math. It’s easy until you face a problem you’ve never encountered before. Just watch the confidence drain away, then.

It can be easy, yes, but it can be very difficult too, even at the basic level. Until you have covered all the ground there will always be a gotcha in there somewhere that will confound.

I don’t think of programmng as easy, but fun, and challenging, especially if we push the boundaries and experiment a lot. So much learning comes out of that which is not written in any tutorial but the fruit of our own mind. This is where intuition is built.

Before I go on, we should stop and find out what you are learning. In a banker’s second we can drum up something hard for you do.


If you tell us what language you’re learning, we can try and make a challenge for you.