I love CodeAcademy Pro and the Team is helpful


I just wanted to say that I got the CodeAcademy Pro and I have been talking with the CodeAcademy Pro Team members daily to clarify coding questions. I had finished Ruby and now just finished JavaScript. I am doing YouTube API next. I am a Google & YouTube Partner for 10 years now and work out of YouTube Space LA Movie Studio for 3 Years now.

I plan then on doing after YouTube API most all the courses here to completion, JQuery, AngularJS, and more. I am going to finish the Full-Stack Program here.

I'd like to see them add Callbacks in the current JS Class and revise the course to include that, or create a second level JS Course.

It would be nice if in a future version of pro the ability to just share my screen as opposed to sharing through Gist Git.

I would also like to see a NodeJS Class.

Thanks again. I have asked questions on all the Helpers at CodeAcademy Pro and everyone is very nice and helpful.



Hey Cliff,

Would you say that the advantages of Pro versus a normal account are worth the $480 a year?
And also, what do you think Pro-only feature you've been using most is?

I'm wondering because I'd like to sign up for Pro as soon as I can, but I spent $75-ish on Treehouse a while back and ended up deciding I didn't like it much, so I want to make sure I don't waste money on Codecademy Pro - although I don't think that's likely, since I like the free version of Codecademy so much :)


how can we access and pay to upgrade to pro??


@jonesb281 If you can access the page, it's https://www.codecademy.com/pro/offer


so what will or will not allow me to access it? as of now i cannot but i would like to :wink:


I think Codecademy is just releasing Pro slowly. If you wait a while you should get access. I don't really know how to get access other than that, sorry :/.


Well that's a bummer... hopefully it will pop up soon for me!