I lost my progress when switching computers

Was starting Angular.js on one browser, swapped computers, finished at least up to Directives 5/8, went back to original computer and cannot get back into Directives as I’m back at Unit 1 3/11 even though the code is all complete in that exercise. Can someone on staff unlock me back to Angular Directives 5/8?

Are you sure you are logged on to the same account as you were before? And your progress was saved before closing the course in the first browser?

I have the same problem. As I go through a course on Computer 1I click on the save and submit code as I progress through the course… When I log in with the same user name and password on Computer 2 it took me to the spot where I left off the first day I created an account. I had already completed that course and was working on another one. The only way I could get back to where I left off was go back to computer 1, and use the same web browser I was using. I noticed when I logged in to codecademy on Computer 1 using Chrome browser it shows the same progress that I got when I logged in using Computer 2. When I used IE on Computer 1 it took me to the beginning of the course I was taking but all I had to do was keep clicking on the save and submit button and it would advance me. Is there another SAVE I am failing to see?