I know you won't open this question. I told you!


My hook worked. Now to my question: what are classes and object. So far, in all the python courses, this is the only thing that I stumbled on conceptually, and I feel like that Codecademy isn't going in as much depth, detail, and simplicity of explanation as much as they could, that sympathizes with the complete inexperience of the student in Classes. Can someone please explain what objects and classes are, and what is the init(self) function. I want a good explanation, and don't throw around words i wouldn't know(I only know the python i know from codecademy, so if codecademy didn't explain a word ur using, u better explain it!!!!), unless you explain the word/concept. Please Please Please sympathize that I am completely, and I mean completely new to objects and classes, so please explain well and thoroughly. What might make sense to you, an explanation that links to classes for you, may not work for me in the reverse. So please, sympathize, and explain. Thank you so much for your good and understandable answer.


Codeacademy just introduces you to the concept as you pointed and teaches the fundamentals but if you don't get what is being taught then perhaps its time to resort to external resources.
_Navigate to this thread_ to find some free books on python and read on classes and objects.

What ever concept you don't get, google it and you will find resources that elaborate further on that subject.

When you stumble on a specific topic on that concept(e.g solving a difficult problem, or cant get configuration right) that's when you resort to the forums and post your problem with specificity and not generality as you did.

This POST gives some pointers on asking good questions.