I know my project that I want to build

I know my project that I want to build but I don’t know which language would be best suited.
I currently have a good understanding is HTML & CSS along with a scrubbing of JS.
To help you better understand what my project is about -
Its a local listing site that would incorporate small businesses that people could search via embedded google maps along with a postcode search.
I have explained this to a few people in the past and they have said 'Oh PHP is what you need to learn for that" but haven’t elaborated on the How’s & Why’s. How does it do it? how do I store all the relevant business details i.e. address, tel no, geolocation etc.
Any help/guidance really appreciated
P.S. no suggestion of Wordpress adoption or add on’s - Its a future business that I want to be able to expand without paying out for licence fees and be able to maintain myself.
Thanks Jez

There aren’t licensing fees for wordpress, are there…? It’s licensed under GPLv2, a “owned by everyone” kind of deal
The people suggesting PHP, you’d have to ask them, why.
Sounds like you’ll have to give some thought to how clever your searching needs to be and how many listings there are. That could be anything between storing them in a plain text file to some complicated database and algorithms to find the right data
PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript are likely all reasonable languages for the backend for your website, and it might not matter a whole lot which one you use.

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As @ionatan has stated on the previous reply, you could take any back-end language (Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript - NodeJS) in order to accomplish your project. Now the problem is related with How’s & Why’s which is harder to explain them all if you don’t have the experience on back-end development.

I am not a back-end neither front-end developer, but I have done certain things with some of the above programming languages, so the best tip for you is search for some guides or websites related to back-end development, as example: A Beginner’s Guide to Back-End Development.

Don’t expect the right choice at first hand since it isn’t a huge project that demand a critical need, whose choice usually depends on a team of experts in the field. So take a look at it and keep searching other recommendation about this topic, then make your choice based on what fit best for you (usually it is related on how experienced/comfortable I am with the language).

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Many thanks to you both @ionatan & @kingdarboja
I’m looking through the link to the back end dev and I think its going to help me - agains many thanks.

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