I know a little bit of JavaScript, should I study it in the Front-End Career Path?

Hey guys
Hope you can help me with my question
I recently started the front-end path (around 5 months ago).
I bought a full 60 hours course of JavaScript on Udemy and I basically finished it
So I know my basics but I haven’t learned them by heart
Now I’m on 28 percent on the Front-End career Path and I just got to the JavaScript section.
Do you think I should study it on Codecademy nevertheless?
Thanks in advance
Happy Coding!

Everybody learns differently, so I can only offer my thoughts, but I hope it helps :slight_smile:

I am employed as a front-end developer (junior), and I have some previous work experience with JavaScript. The first few things I did on CodeCademy, at the start of my coding journey 3 years ago were the HTML/CSS and Javascript courses. I did the same courses via other websites too. I only went for the basics back then, I never really focused on a career path, but now I try to. Due to a small mistake (and ignoring a warning), I reset all the progress I had by doing the separate courses, and I had to do everything over when I went for the full path. Even though I know JavaScript from previous courses and experience, I still am going to do all the exercises again to have some extra practice. :slight_smile: And also because I want to reach the full 100% in the career path off course.


Thanks for your suggestion
To be honest I’m a little bit of perfectionist myself and I’d like to do it 100 percent but at this time I have spent around 7 months just learning and I want to learn enough to be able to do my own projects now
so because of that I want to know if I can do that without taking the JavaScript section of this career path
But anyhow thanks again

What do you mean by doing your own projects exactly?

There is no clear answer to what you would be able to do after 7 months of practice. The more experience you have the better you get, but your own projects provide experience too.

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