I knew i wasn't learning this well.....please help



(ruby):2: syntax error, unexpected '.'
user_input = .downcase!

print "Babbit is organized!"
user_input = gets.chomp
user_input = .downcase!

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I AM MISSING?? I am doing exactly what the prior lesson told me to do??


Hint: 3rd line, you have written .downcase!, but what are you supposed to downcase. You are missing a variable name :wink:


Can you please explain??


You need to call a method on some variable.

Analogy: Consider your method as a cloth. Now, cloth (method) needs a human body (variable) to be worn on (called on)

Since you didn't provide your cloth (downcase!) with any body (variable to be called upon), it is giving you an error. :wink: