I keep getting bugged when printing out on bordeless tourist

my code seems to work fine on but when it gets to the printing part I get stuck, even though it should be easy. Any ides? here’s my code

destinations = [“Paris, France”, “Shanghai, China”, “Los Angeles, USA”, “So Paulo, Brazil”, “Cairo, Egypt”]

test_traveler = [‘Erin Wilkes’, ‘Shanghai, China’, [‘historical site’, ‘art’]]

def get_destination_index(destination):
destination_index = destinations.index(destination)
return destination_index

def get_traveler_location(traveler):
traveler_destination = traveler[1]
traveler_destination_index = get_destination_index(traveler_destination)
return traveler_destination_index

attractions =
for destination in destinations:

def add_attraction(destination, attraction):
destination_index = get_destination_index(destination)
attractions_for_destination = attractions[destination_index].append(attraction)
except SyntaxError:

add_attraction(“Paris, France”, [“the Louvre”, [“art”, “museum”]])
add_attraction(“Paris, France”, [“Arc de Triomphe”, [“historical site”, “monument”]])
add_attraction(“Shanghai, China”, [“Yu Garden”, [“garden”, “historcical site”]])
add_attraction(“Shanghai, China”, [“Yuz Museum”, [“art”, “museum”]])
add_attraction(“Shanghai, China”, [“Oriental Pearl Tower”, [“skyscraper”, “viewing deck”]])
add_attraction(“Los Angeles, USA”, [“LACMA”, [“art”, “museum”]])
add_attraction(“So Paulo, Brazil”, [“So Paulo Zoo”, [“zoo”]])
add_attraction(“So Paulo, Brazil”, [“Ptio do Colgio”, [“historical site”]])
add_attraction(“Cairo, Egypt”, [“Pyramids of Giza”, [“monument”, “historical site”]])
add_attraction(“Cairo, Egypt”, [“Egyptian Museum”, [“museum”]])

def find_attractions(destination, interests):
destination_index = get_destination_index(destination)
attractions_in_city = attractions[destination_index]
attractions_with_interest =

for attraction in attractions_in_city:
possible_attraction = attraction
attraction_tags = attraction[1]

for interest in interests:
  if interest in attraction_tags:
return attractions_with_interest

def get_attractions_for_traveler(traveler):
traveler_destination = traveler[1]
traveler_interests = traveler[2]

traveler_attractions = find_attractions(traveler_destination, traveler_interests)

interests_string = "Hi " + traveler[0] + ". We think you’ll like these places around " + traveler_destination + ": "
for i in range(len(traveler_attractions)):
if traveler_attraction == traveler_attractions[i]:
interests_string += " the " + traveler_attractions[i] + “.”
interests_string += "the " + traveler_attractions[i] + ", "
return interests_string

smills_france = get_attractions_for_traveler([‘Dereck Smill’, ‘Paris, France’ [‘monument’]])
works fine until the part where I need to print for some reason

smills_france = get_attractions_for_traveler([‘Dereck Smill’, ‘Paris, France’, [‘monument’]])
this one gives me None as answer

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