I keep asking this about my progress and my situation

I am taking the Data Science skill path, and it has been such a fun trip for now. I am really exciting about my new skills, but at the same time, I would like to ask other coders who went through all this about the career and about making progress.

I am 25 years old, and I completed all the Data Analysis progress except for all the Machine Learning module. I consider myself to be in a good situation for looking my first job, while I start learning ML. However, I must acknowledge that I have not a degree in a math or computer-related subject.

Do you think I could be able to get a first job before learning ML? I know that Data Analysis is growing all over the world, but do you think I can make a career with the CodeCademy knowledge?

Sometimes I feel that the Data Science world is so huge and the job alerts maybe are too much for me, too many times. It would be nice to hear for someone who went through that process.

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I would encourage you to apply to any job openings where you know 50-70% of the things they are looking for in a candidate. Also, build projects, collaborate in open-source. If you don’t feel confident because you don’t have a degree, let your work speak for itself.

Don’t self-select out. Apply and let them tell you no. And if you spend a month applying for jobs and you don’t get any leads, I recommend you to do two things: find and attend as many networking events as you can (even if you are shy!) and two, find a mentor that can guide you and help you close the knowledge gaps that might be holding you back.


In addition to what Fede mentioned…

Do you have a website/online portfolio of your projects? Do you link that as well as your Github account on your resume and maybe your LinkedIn account? Potential employers want to see what you’ve done and will definitely ask you to link those on any application. Plus, you’ll want to have something to talk about during interviews. :slight_smile:
(I can also say do not link your social media accounts on job applications. Keep public and private separate. This is a mistake I see ppl make).
Also, as for networking: if you’re on LinkedIn, and if you haven’t already, start following data science and/or data analysis groups…there are TONS on Linkedin.
Also, join a local meetup. (https://www.meetup.com as there are tons of data-related groups on there. You could also see if there’s a local (or not local b/c they’re all virtual now) Codecademy chapter and join that as well.

Happy coding! :slight_smile: