I just want to know how can i make a space between two elements (i want them in the same raw)

anyone could help me?

Can you give us an example of some code you want to get on the same row?

HTML does not recognize white space. Newlines will be replaced with a space character so code written like this,


will render as,

red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

Were it written as,


it would render as,


If we insert the spaces into our markup, we get them back in the rendering…

<p><span>red</span> <span>orange</span> <span>yellow</span> <span>green</span> <span>blue</span> <span>indigo</span> <span>violet</span></p>
red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

It’s quite obvious that the first example is more suitable in terms of readability.

We should note also that while a single space will render as expected, multiple spaces will always render as a single space.

 <p><span>red</span>    <span>orange</span></p>

will render as,

red orange

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