I just had an Intership, This is what happend


I am Nick 17 years I went to an intership 3 hours ago this is what happend...

So I had a conversation with a company for an internship because I needed it for my education, it was an internet agency I told so what I could all and that I am an eager to learn and ambitious person who likes to keep programming in his free time cause I have a passion for programming, so he says so to me about CodeCademy is a good site where you can learn a lot 'Me: Lol I've got there almost all courses all: D, to be exactly 12 skills and 1279pt or so and I'm also active On the forms'. He was stunned lol.

This was my experience and I wanted to share it with you guys.
to be continued....



Nice one man, but you're not telling us if you got that internship? :wink:


Agreed – we want to know how the story ends (or continues)!


Please! Tell us if you got it!


It was this day i will hear it in about a week or so ill tell it ;D


hits bookmark well I hope you get it! Will be a big step in your career I bet :smiley: :thumbsup:


Got The internship :smiley:


Congrats! :tada: :tada: :tada: