I just finished F-E Career Path! Here is my final project

Hi there,

it’s here. I finally get to the end of the Front-End engineer career path!

My final project called Repetitio is live! Check it here:


*When I was studying for university exams, I lack the tool to effectively randomize my questions list. So I decided to build this app. :slight_smile: *
It is built with React+Redux.

Feedback is appreciated! Adam

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Great Idea, Useful and pretty.

I am still in the beginning of the career path, I was looking for what the end projects would look like and yours keeps me motivated to focus on the path.

Hello Adam,

I’m currently at 50% of the FE Career path and decided to take a look at other final projects. This one is fantastic. Clean, simple, and straightforward. Plus, it works as expected! Well done!

I have a few minor suggestions:

  • Add hover animations to enhance UX;
  • Add feature to write the actual questions manually by the user - this way we know which one is question 2, 3, 4, etc;

Other than that, it is amazing. Congratulations!!

Good luck with the job hunting!