I installed React Developer Tools but changing the source of the App in VS Code does not reflect on the website

I need some help please.
I followed the video tutorial about how to install React Developer Tools.
I managed to install them but when I changed the source of the app in Visual Studio Code (I put props as an argument for the App and I wrote


exactly in the same way as in the tutorial) and I also put my name as a props in the Developer Tool (props name: “Beata”). The name did not appear under the logo as it does in the video.
What I have noticed that I cannot press enter after I made the changes in the Developer Tool (under the Components). In the video the changes submitted after pressing the enter key but for me it is not possible.
I would appreciate if someone could give me advice what to do.

Hi Beata,

it’s a little difficult to understand what you have problems with, exactly. By developer tools you mean the google extensions for React that appear in the google dev tools? And where do you enter the props?
Please share your (properly formatted) code and screenshots that illustrate the steps you did.