I hit a wall on the Data Science Path. Please help. :)


Hi, my name is Adam, and this is my fist time posting here. I am not much of a forum poster, and in my past I have regularly been scolded for my questions. I apologize if this message seems defensive because of that. Feel free to criticize, but point me towards valuable information please. :slight_smile:

I have been amateur coding for about 5 years now, never diving deep into any language. I would say that I have a great grasp of coding concepts (I have worked with developers in many jobs, and have many computer science family members) but I am not knowledgeable on syntax. I decided to finally dive into the Data Science Path because it has some crossover with my job. I have been chugging along through the SQL stuff, but I hit a wall here: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/data-science/tracks/sql-intermediate/modules/dspath-sql-multiple-tables/lessons/multiple-tables/exercises/inner-merge

Every step of this course up to this one has been explained in detail, but on “Working With Multiple Tables: Inner Merge 1” it asks:
" Examine the orders and products tables.

What is the description of the product that was ordered in Order 3?

Give your answer as a string assigned to the variable order_3_description ."

This lesson seems to assume I know how to do this… I don’t know what it means by “Examine” or “Give your answer as a String”. All I can think to do is hop over to the Python lesson, complete that, then come back… This only bugs me because it never told me that Python was a Prerequisite (unless it did, in which case tell me where to find that).

I haven’t dabbled with Python in a while, so I really am lost here…

Can you please tell me what course I should complete before this one? Answering the lesson instructions won’t be as helpful as telling me where I can go to learn this.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Its a bug. just refresh the page its worked for me.


You were 100% correct.

Thanks a lot!