I have to use the Q&A Forum for every problem, is this not for me?


I have been trying to learn python for a awhile but i feel so discouraged because every problem i have to look at the Q&A Forum and it makes me feel like im stupid.

I have to go to the Q&A on (estimate) 80% of the problems....

How often do you?


My suggestion is that before you write whatever line of code you're about to write..
Write a comment that says in plain English what action that line is supposed to do.

And then, consider how to write it. If you don't know, google what you just wrote. Fill in the code.
Next line.

You can also write the whole thing as just comments to start with. Decide on what's supposed to happen, write the comments. Read those comments, convince yourself of that doing those things will produce the correct result. Then flesh it out with code. Leave the comments where they are, if anything goes wrong, you can use print statements to test if the code matches the intention stated in the comments.

Whether or not it's for you is impossible to tell early on, at the very least for other people. Programming is something that takes a huge amount of practice to get good at, we start at different levels, with different mind-sets, and we'll have different difficulties.