I have to relearn statistics :/

I felt I needed to better understand the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics after reading through this lesson in the Data Scientist Career Path. I found this online article, “Descriptive vs Inferential Statistics. What’s the difference?” which did a good job of explaining the difference between the two types of statistics and provided a clear example of each. Maybe others will find the article helpful as well.


Statistics is such a complex and beautiful subject! I spent the last 2 years immersed in masters level statistics classes and I’m still constantly learning new things.

Keep an eye out for some new stats content coming early next year – we’re currently working on a bunch of lessons that teach inferential statistics through simulation based approaches (eventually slated for the hypothesis testing module)! this article on the Central Limit Theorem and this one on hypothesis testing might also be helpful resources :slight_smile:


This is good stuff- thanks @sophsommer3!! Sometimes I wish I had majored in math instead of accounting when I was in college. I took only one statistics course then & that was simply to fulfill degree requirements. I did like that statistics course though, probably more than the other courses I took at the time.

Looking forward to the new stats content coming out… refreshing myself on the subject is something I’ve been meaning to do (have my eye on this cool online book)… it would be wonderful to see this topic fleshed out more in Codecademy :1234: :computer: :heart: :nerd_face:


Oooh! Very cool book!

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Hello, thanks for the comments and contributions, I am new to this community and I am learning Data Science,

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