I have to praise you like I should!



i get the o/p printed, but instead of going forward to the next lesson i get a msg at he bottom that says "Oops, try again. false"
should i add something else to this piece of code ??

console.log("Im ready for Objects");


yes! you have to write
"I'm ready for Objects!"
you ve missed ' and !


am sorry i still dont get it

If you're ready to start learning about objects, print in the console: "I'm ready for Objects!"
that's the exercise and i used console.log to print the exact same thing


What @rcodeman is trying to get at is that every time that an exercise want's you to print out a specific string then you have to write that string out exactly like the exercise said. Sometimes people make little typos and then exercise won't let them pass.

In your case then you made two little typos one being that you forgot the ' in I'm two being that you missed the ! after your sentence.

All in all it should look like this "I'm ready for Objects!"


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