I have to celebrate you baby - Check review



Oops Check the review of Toy Story 2. I have copied and pasted from the directions ans manually typed it but I still get this error. All else seems to work correctly. Thanks for any help.

var movie=prompt("Pick a movie for review,THE LION KING,TOY STORY 2,FINDING NEMO").toUpperCase();
var getReview = function (movie) 

        case "TOY STORY 2":
            return "Great story. Mean prospector.";
        case"FINDING NEMO":
            return "Cool animation, and funny turtles.";
        case"THE LION KING":
            return "Great songs.";
            return "I don't know!";


You will have to use the EXACT text's as are mentioned in the Instructions !!!!


The main problem is that the film names are not exact matches of the those given in the instructions. Use exactly what is given and leave the case alone, including on the prompt. Remove .toUpperCase().


Thanks mtf. A copy/paste of exact movie names resolved the issue. Removed the toUpperCase.