I have restarted the Full-Stack Developer the 4th time recently

Every time I do the course I finish about 10% of it. But unfortunately, even after finishing the projects, I feel like I make no progress and forget about the things I learned in recent lessons. It really gets tiring after some while. I started this course in June, Hoping to finish this course in 4-6 Months and being able to Create light-weight Web-Apps by December. Now I am still sitting here in the CSS fundamentals lesson, after having restarted the course for the 4th time recently.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I be more disciplined? How can I finally move on from the basics?


Things get forgotten. It’s ok. Part of the process helps you to develop your own ability to seek out solutions and problem-solve on your own too. I would say continue and it’ll all come together as you continue to practice.


It’s ok! It will be ok! It’s normal, coding is about understand and solve problems and create habit. You can’t remember everything. I feel a little bit like you. Try to code new projects to keep your habits and even it’s just 20mn, try to code each day. Stay strong, you will do it! (english is not my main language so i hope what i write make sense)