I have no clue what im doing

Hey there

I am working on the Python 3 course and I am 62% finished.
Im not going to lie, its really brutal on my soul.
I feel just to dumb to remember stuff and learn how to code, I use the “show solution” function so often…
It seems on these forums that all are doing somehow well but I am stuck with the basics and they are hard for me to learn and understand. Its really tanking my motivation to run into roadblocks sooo ■■■■ often…
Should it be like that? What am I doing wrong? Do any of you have similar experience?

Yea, I had to go back and try stuff from lessons I did a long time ago, again. That was frustrating.

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If you search here you will see that there’s a lot of helpful info from other learners who have struggled to retain information when learning to code. It’s normal. It’s common. Beating oneself up doesn’t help. Take a breath, take notes, practice until you understand concepts and then move forward. Go back over lessons or seek out other sources of information. (ie: python docs, etc.).
You want to run a marathon? Can you run one in under 5 hours w/o training for months? Nope.

Here’s some good advice:


OMG I have been feeling the same way. I appreciate you being upfront. I have been feeling the same way. And I’ve been feeling dumb and like I am not gonna make it. I have actually had to stop and go back to loops and functions because for some reason my egg brain can’t absorb it yet. I am definitely have the same roadblocks and lack of motivation. But you’re not alone. I know a couple people that are currently in positions working with code and they express the same thing at times. Hopefully we can figure it out so we can move forward!

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The python 3 class makes no sense to me at all. the teacher seems too busy acting cute to actually convey information. i finished the first lesson and am halfway through the second project and nothing makes any sense. the “make your initials” project was a great example of useless info

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