I have little lost

Hi everyone,

I have finished HTML and CSS, not only here, but on few sites, like this and codeschool.com, teamtreehouse etc.
I made some website which is not as responisive as can be. When I was learning HTML and CSS, CSS Layout tehniques was the hardiest to learn and I think that I should learn more about that (you can check my website here and give some suggestion if you are good will.

I come here to ask, because I am now on Javascript objects and functions inside objects and I think I have little lost with all of this. What’s the best I can do? How to constantly keep memory fresh and don’t forget old when learning new stuffs? I think I forgot many things also from CSS pseudo classes and similar. But I can Google, that’s true.

What can I do to more understand Javascript OOP? Is the best maybe to learn from some book like EloquentJava?

Thanks very much in advance!



First of all don’t jump from one thing to another like someone is chasing you. Learn with understanding, take your time because we don’t all have the same understanding and time under which we accomplish something. What you do try to understand and practice as much as you need to before you go on to another courses and programing languages ( different programing languages use similar but different styles in code writting and it can be confusing). Practice is your best friend. Same goes with persistence and will that you have toward programing.

I wish you luck and happy learning :slight_smile:

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Thank you VERY MUCH! :slight_smile: