I have internal site search and am looking for a way to block results based on specific search criteria

I have a site search that searches a list and returns results based on meta keywords, title and content of each item in the list, and sorts the results alphabetically. I am looking for a way to prevent certain resources from showing up based on specific search criteria.

For example, searching “ADA” (abbreviation for “Americans with Disabilities Act”) returns three results at the moment:

  • 1st result has “adaptive” in the title and content
  • 2nd result has “adaptive” in the content
  • 3rd result has “ADA” in the title, content and keyword

Ideally, the 3rd result will be the first to show up OR the first two should not appear in the results at all. Is there a way to prevent the first two results from showing up using meta keywords to “not include” or “block” from being returned based on a keyword? Anyone have other ideas?