I have done all the lesson asked

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Hi there I am stuck on CSS setup 5/6.

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I have done everything the lesson told me to do but it keeps saying did you set the href attribute. I have added the href attribute but it says I have not. Take a look at my code:

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What is the problem with my code?

Perhaps there’s some problem preventing it from running altogether (and therefore there won’t be a link tag with a href attribute)

Others would probably need to be able to reproduce what you’re doing if they are to say much more than that

Did you get the url right though? Perhaps the error message is not as precise as it should be

What do you mean? I have posted the code but don’t you see anything wrong with it?

I mean that you’re not providing a way that others can reproduce what you describe!

I still do not understand. But what I do understand is that you are getting angry at me

Here, let’s put it a file and run it and see what happens:

See what the browser says

so you are telling me the error code I got was incorrect?

Opening that html in a browser causes the browser to report a problem with it, namely that the url is bad. I haven’t considered whether codecademy’s response is wrong or not, but there is something to fix, the url.

Your URL has only 2 w’s instead of 3.

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