I have been working on this could I please have help?


I am stuck on Code Your Own Adventure

I have tried diffrent things for about an hour. Please help me. Thanks

Replace this line with your code.


Lots of errors there.. comprehend what im about to say, and then change your code to what im about to say...

The Syntax for if/else statements is...

if(someVar > 8){
//Do Something
else if(someVar <8){
//Do something else
//No Conditoins Fit..


Thanks a lot amanuel, I think you are a great coder keep it up!!!!:slight_smile: But, What did I do wrong here?

Thanks, I hope I can become a great coder someday but I am only on my 4th day of codeing with code academy


You just copied what he put. You have to use the numbers/vars the code tells you to use. Look at step 1 and look at what var it tells you to use.

With this, there is no else if statement. Just if and else.

If the var feedback is greater than 8 than you want the console to log what is in step 2.

else it should print out step three in the console.


@coolcode56 . Thanks, youll be a much better coder than i ! Anways, to your problem im not going to staright away give you the solution, im going to make you think.

There is almost always(unless its global which dosent apply to this exercice) something you have to do before you start using a variable...

And Yes what @wanweird said to... dont copy my code really.. the code i posted was the normal Syntax of an if/else statement. you should implement that syntax to your code. Basically make your code look like the syntax i posted in my original post!


Thanks guys for the help I will try it :slight_smile:


Thanks it worked!!!!