I have been through the whole JAVASCRIPT intro, but I still dont get it

Hello everyone,

I purchased a 1 year sub at codecademy 2 weeks ago because I really would like to learn how to code and understand better how things are done.

The thing is that I made the complete JAVASCRIPT intro, and I jumped into “create a back end application with JAVASCRIPT” where things are getting more difficult.

In fact, the programm is the same for intro and back end path, except that we are using VSC/GIT BASH to code on back end path.

Now, I would like to ask if I’m a complete idiot, or is the level just too high for me? When I tried to make the project “ROCK/PAPER/SISCOR” for example, I didn’t even understand how I could do that; and when I looked at the solution, I didn’t understand neither why was this code like this.

Did I miss something? I really want to progress.

Many thanks for your help

Hi Christopher,

I started this journey a year ago and I felt the same for the first few months. In fact, when I felt as frustrated as you do right now I did my research and found that many beginners can feel this way at first - like its some alien language.

Most of us on here aren’t coming from a computer science background so understanding the programming patterns that languages like JavaScript use will be tricky at first but the important thing is to not give up.

I would suggest going back to the Learn JavaScript course and backtracking on it in a little bit more detail. You finished it in 2 weeks which is quick (but well done either way), I took my time spent 8 weeks on understanding JavaScript. I also practised by repeating the exercises until I understood them, and replicating them in my own console or on programming sites like JSFiddle or CodePen.

Once you get the hang of it, you can forward at a faster pace. Good luck!

Take a step back. Consider asking yourself do you understand what you’re learning?

What works for me is I take notes in the old school way which is jotting down physically. I was once like you went too fast on the JavaScript course and not understanding anything through the process. Then, I told myself this needs some changes so I decided to give myself time and relearn the JavaScript course.

It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed and not sure where to start in a project.