I have a tiny question!


Hi everyone!
firstly, Code academy is a great website! Helps me a lot! But I saw some other blogs saying its not good. I just have one question..

I'm currently learning Ruby, when I have done all the lessons, it means I covered the whole language? no syntax missing? or anything missing?

thank you! Code academy is great!


If you go through the Ruby course on Codecademy it will give you exposure to a lot of the Ruby language, but not the whole language, but not many resources out there will.

One of the hardest parts of learning a programming language is getting through the basics without giving up, and Codecademy makes this really easy - plus you can learn a lot for free!

That's my view - hopefully it's helpful!


Codecademy is a great intro to programming languages.
By no means will you be 'fluent' after,
However, you will have a good basis to start exploring other resources.
There is no one book you can read to learn an entire language


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