I have a question as someone who wants to be a software engineer

It looks like Full-Stack Software Engineer is the Career Path I should take next on Codecademy. But is that the only Path that teaches you software engineering?
Also, I completed the course Learn HTML.

No, python beginner 3 is what I took and it taught me a good amount of programming. Now I do not know about software engineering specifically, but learning to code is entirely helpful in software.:slight_smile:

Python, huh? What do you wanna do through programming? I know I’m getting a little off-topic here, haha.

Well, I thought it may help me in certain types of engineering. Like systems engineering (not that I know a lot of that).

Maybe we can get together to work on something. :slight_smile: It could be good for both of us. I know HTML and am currently learning CSS. Does this forum have a way to PM people?