I have a question about the computer science carrer path cheatsheets

After point 12, sorting, of the computer science career path there are no more cheatsheets, and I wonder if they are just not available yet or they are not going to be made.

I couldn’t say for certain so hopefully someone else can answer your query but if you like having a cheatsheet then I think the best option would be creating your own as you progress through these lessons. This could be as simple as a pen and paper notes or you could do something in a text file or maybe something more advanced. Apologies that doesn’t directly answer your question but I think it might be a viable alternative.

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The Computer Science Path’s units can be found in similar courses also offered on Codecademy, so you can find the cheatsheets for those courses. I’ve compiled a list of the possible related cheatsheets below for your convenience (I don’t know the exact course contents since I do not have PRO).

There aren’t any new methods introduced from what I remember. I feel it was more concept/project oriented. You should keep a copy of the projects you complete as they serve as good references (including the helper files to make your script run).