I have a question about features regarding Codecademy

I want to know if Codecademy has a coding sandbox so users can code freely without instruction. If they do, please tell me. Thanks!!!

Such a feature used to exists, but was discarded because it was used very little

there are many website (repl.it, codepen.io and many more) which you can use to run your code.


Oh, that’s unfortunate. I had the same question when I first joined but never bothered to ask. Thanks for the info!

Aw man. I would have used it if I had known it existed. Maybe they’ll add it back or something.

But there are so many alternatives sandboxes/websites available, just find one you like :slight_smile:

You can use JavaScript on Codepen right?

yes, you can use JavaScript on codepen. And on jsfiddle, jsbin and so forth.

thanks for your help!