I have a project in mind, but I do not know what language to learn first

Hi everyone.

I have a project for personal use in mind, and I am pretty sure I could pay a programmer to make it for me , or probably it is already created and published somewhere in the internet but the problem is that I want to create it by myself. And not only that, the bigger problem is that I have to start from scratch because I do not have experience with coding!

So basically, right now what I need is to define what language I want to learn first (based on my project needs).

Here is what I want to resolve:
There is a website of which I am a user. I usually visit this website in Firefox or Chrome.
Within that website, I can create alerts with a customized messages.
For example, I can create an Alert that will be triggered everyday at 8am, with the message “Time to take your breakfast!”… The alert is in the form of a Popup within the website.
So the next day, at 8AM if the website is open in my pc I will get a popup with the message “Time to take your breakfast!”.

What I want to create by now (and this is only the first part of my project), is a code that will read the message in that popup, and save the message in a text file somewhere in my computer.

Based on what I have described, but programming environment or language should I be targeting to learn first?
My intention is to learn to code to create many project, but by now this project is where I want to start.

Thank in advance!


sounds like you need push notifications for sure, modern webbrowser support this with API:


surely you must have seen this on some website, even this forum has this feature.

Then all you need is any back-end website language (PHP, go, ruby on rails, django just to name a few, i am already forgetting Java). So plenty of choice. For such a small app, i don’t think the database matters. Just pick what has nice support for the language you want

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