I have a problem wondering if i could get some help

board[randomRowIndex][randomColumnIndex] = ‘B’;

TypeError: Cannot set property ‘1’ of undefined
if you want the code i can put it on my git

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong I changed the arrays to var and honestly I’m about to give up

so then the first step would be to check why you get an index error:

console.log(board, numberOfRows, numberOfColumns);
board[randomRowIndex][randomColumnIndex] = 'B';

which shows me the board doesn’t seem properly generated, so lets inspect generatePlayerBoard function:

return board;

which seem to suggest that only one row has been created. So i looked at the for loop which should generate a number of rows, and saw the mistake.

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you used “row” for both the row counter and assigning cell value. you must change one of them. I edit it in the github, you can checkit.