I have a problem with Topic 5 please help ....sorry for newbie question


please let me know where i am going wrong thanks for help


You have your starter divs closed. Example:
You Put:

</div class="asdf">

It should be:

<div class="asdf">


i am still a little lost i will go back to the start and take my time and try again


In your code when you put "</ div class="jumbotron">" and "</ div class="container">"
you have a "/" in front of the < div>. It should read < div class="jumbotron">, < div class="container"> So you just need to remove the "/",and you will be fine.


thank you so much i am not sure why i left it there lol i ended up going back trying to read over every step to see where i went wrong


Haha It happens to the best of us no problem!!


2 posts were split to a new topic: #5, not sure what's wrong with my code


dont worry bro im stuck on that to